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Teqvoly Beach Games VOL2

Lupa Beach, Hungary
The second round of Teqvoly Beach Games has taken place where 17 mixed couples competed for first place.

At the end of the summer season, the second round of Teqvoly Beach Games has taken place. 17 couples registered for the competition and they played exciting matches in the mixed categories. In the final the Zsófia Réthelyi- Péter Solti couple won the trophy over the Réka Boros- Róbert Bene duo. The event was sponsored by INTENSET who gave top-quality vitamins and food supplements for the top five pairs.

1st place: Zsófia Réthelyi - Péter Solti 

2nd place: Réka Boros - Róbert Bene 

3rd place: Luca Szabó - Viktor Kővári 

4th place: Zita Divényi - Márió Gyenes 

5th place: Orsolya Réthelyi - Szabolcs Balla 

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