• Teqvoly can be played with balls used in volleyball, with size five being official and recommended.
  • Teqvoly is played by two teams of two players
  • Each team has a maximum of 3 touches, a minimum of 1 pass is required and passes need to alternate between players on the same team
  • The serve and the returned ball must bounce only once on the opponent’s playing surface of the table
  • The server has two chances to execute a successful service
  • During the service the player is not allowed to step inside the court or on the baseline, both feet must remain touching the ground
  • The server and the receiver remain the same for 4 rallies. The service is rotated after 4 valid rallies
  • If the ball has been returned from inside of the lines to the opponent’s playing surface, the next return from the same team must be made from outside of the lines
  • If the ball bounces on the edge of the table, the serve or rally must be repeated unless the opponent touches the ball
  • If the ball hits the side of the table, it is considered as a fault
  • The half-way line can only be crossed when passing the ball backwards to your team
  • Returning the ball is only allowed if it is on your own team’s side
  • Spiking downwards is only allowed if the player is outside the lines and one foot must stay on the ground
  • If you step inside the lines the ball must have an upwards trajectory
  • Spiking with a jumping approach is allowed for men they must ensure they land with both feet outside the lines; for women must ensure both feet do not cross the lines before jumping
  • Each team has the right to request the chance to earn the ‘doublepoint’ once every match. The ‘doublepoint’ is a chance to gain 2 points instead of one in a single rally
  • A match consists of two or more winning sets. A set is won when a team reaches 12 points
  • Any contact with the table is forbidden

Download the complete Rulebook

The official teqvoly court lay-out