Teqvoly KIDS


The teqvoly KIDS rules have been modified based on age-specific characteristics, allowing children from the age of 9 to be included in teqvoly.

Our recommendation is, that in the U11 age group, the first ball must be caught to facilitate the first touch. Without the lining system it is easier for children to execute the return/attack correctly. In teqvoly KIDS the score is not relevant, the U11 teqvoly game format is suitable for preparing the U13 age group game, which already has the basis for all the technical elements of the sport. We recommend to start teaching teqvoly from the age of 9, early ages children are not  advanced enough to practice the technical elements.

From the U13 age group teqvoly can be played by a lining system which is 20% smaller than the normal lining. It is not allowed to catch the ball, it has to be forwarded directly.  All the technical elements are the same like in the normal teqvoly.