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⭐Ladies Madness @ Teq Arena⭐

Budapest, Hungary

Ladies Madness at the Teq Arena!

Apply for the special edition of Monday Madness, this time we will celebrate the International Women's day!
(Of course boys can attend on the competition too!)
Just like last time, the players, who are not registered yet, will get a teqvoly gift package, and they can enter for free as well! 
You can enter as female, male or mixed category team.
Location: Teq Arena (1101 Budapest Expo tér 5-7)
Time: 07.03. 17:30-20:30
The registration fee is 1500 HUF/person, which you can pay upon entering the Arena.

Minimum number of 6 teams are required. (Under this attendees the event will be changed to a regular training session.)
Application deadline: 04.03. 23:59
See you all on Monday!