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Last stop of the 2023 Teqvoly World Tour


The 8th stop of the Teqvoly World Tour was the last major Table Volleyball competition of the year with a new category debuting: the coed doubles. The players were excited top pair up for the new challenges, a record number of 24 teams were trying to fight their way into the finals.

Friday was all about them. After many exciting matches in this new format we had our finalists: Hannah Rable with Dylan Maarek against Wyatt Harrison and Lacie Coccia.

Saturday men and women categories were played in the usual order.  Ladies started the day with 16 teams in 4 pools. Based on their results in the previous competitions, nobody was surprised, that the Macy Jerger – Megan Rice and Judit Kolada – Lacie Coccia duos marched into the finals without losing a single set in the playoffs.

Gentlemen were following the ladies on the court with 12 teams competing. Here we had some surprises, as from those players who made it to the finals (Dylan Maarek-Kyle Skinner, Wyatt Harrison-Jake Urrutia) 3 out of the 4 players were first timer finalists.

The experience has proven itself in the finals.

The Coccia-Colada team won the women's final in a very exciting 3 set match, winning their 5th gold medal against two time gold medalist Jerger-Rice team.

Another 3-setter was following the first one, the Harrison-Coccia team gave some hard time to Maarek and Rable, but at the end their precise ball handling were decisive. A gold medal landed in Hannah and Dylan’s necks.

Right after leaving the court, Maarek and Harrison run back to play as they were also participating in the men’s finals – facing each other again. This time with Kyle Skinner and Jake Urruita on their sides. After losing the first set, Harrison and Urruita had the chance to come back and win the second set as they had a 4 point lead with the standing of 11:6.  Unfortunately to them Maarek and Skinner were playing so fearless and precise that they ended up winning the set (12:11) and the match too.


Finals results:


  1. Coccia – Kolada
  2. Jerger – Rice
  3. Rable – Shields
  4. Kleespies - Kleespies


  1. Rable – Maarek
  2. Coccia – Harrison
  3. Rice – Salvador
  4. Jerger – Homan


  1. Maarek – Skinner
  2. Harrison – Urruita
  3. Briggs – Briggs
  4. Burrow – O’neil

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