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Attention! Change in Teqvoly Rules!


Attention! Change in Teqvoly Rules!

In every sport, there is a point where changes needs to be done to correct the rules according to the development of the game. To make teqvoly more spectacular, we've decided to prelude some changes in our rules, which will be first officially applied during the Teqvoly International Gala. 

One game is played until 12 winning points.

After every four valid rallies, the serving team switches to receivers and this continues until the end of the game.



1st game             2nd game

A1 - B1                 B1 - A1

B1 - A2                 A1 - B2

A2 - B2                 B2 - A2

B2 - A1                 A2 - B1

Repeat                Repeat


The final game of each set must be won by two clear points. If the score reaches 12-12 then the service will be rotated after each valid rally after the player finishes the last set of serve that was started before 12-12.


See all details in the updated version of The Official Rules and Regulations of Teqvoly