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Results of the Teqvoly World Tour 7th stop


The 7th stop of the Teqvoly World Tour was hosted by Esztergom, Hungary. Great interest surrounded this year's first European competition with 8 nations represented in Esztergom.

In the women's category 16 teams registered for the tournament, including Hungarian, American, and Bosnian teams and we witnessed some great matches. In the final, the American duo, Rice and Jerger played against the Hungarian Réthely-Divényi pair. The American pair dominated the match and finished in the first place.

In the men's category 28 teams entered the competition and 5 nations faced each other (the following nations represented themselves: Hungary, USA, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Austria, and Brazil). In the final 2 American teams, Miller and Albrecht and Homan and Salvador were fighting for the trophy. Finally, after 3 sets the Miller-Albrecht pair won the tournament!



  1. Megan Rice / Macy Jerger
  2. Zsófia Réthelyi / Zita Divényi
  3. Flóra Kemenczei / Fanni Kemenczei
  4. Amra Mandzukic / Tamara Cesic


  1. Nathaniel Miller / Nolan Albrecht
  2. Adam Homan / Jhony Salvador
  3. Maxime Capet / Iskander El Ghouti
  4. Roland Gergye / Bálint Magyar

Congratulations to all teams, and hope to see you all at many Teqvoly events in the future!

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