Future Faces of Teqvoly

Future Faces of Teqvoly Program


Is a talent scouting program, where TEQBALL GROUP (“Organizer”) shall run a program for participants of table volleyball events in the men's and women's doubles categories, looking for the "Faces of Teqvoly" of the country and other talented players ("Program").


Within the framework of the Program, we welcome applications to [email protected] from male and female doubles, with the following documents:

  • a brief introduction
  • sporting history
  • photo
  • the following contact details: email address, telephone number.

Previous participation in table volleyball events is an advantage.

Players who have qualified for and participated in certain domestic or international tournaments may be considered automatically without submitting an application if, in the sole discretion of the Organizer, the player in question is likely to be suitable for promoting Teqvoly as widely as possible.


Organizer will choose the winners of the Program as well as the exact grant to be offered at its sole discretion.

Organizer will contact the winners of the Program via the contact details provided in the application or, in case of winners chosen automatically as described above, via the contact details previously made available to Organizer.

In order to be awarded any grant, it is mandatory for the participant to i) provide all required details to Organizer upon being contacted regarding the Program and ii) enter into a separate, written agreement with the Organizer (“Grant Agreement”).


For the winners of the Program, Organizer wishes to provide a grant as an in-kind support by pre-financing or reimbursing the travel, accommodation and/or other costs of the winners incurred in connection with their participation in various Teqvoly events.

The exact manner and amount of the grant will be set out in the Grant Agreement.

Organizer hereby declares that present announcement shall in no way be deemed to be an invitation to conclude a contract and shall not create an obligation to make an offer, therefore it does not create any sort of obligations on the part of the Organizer.


Further, Organizer retains the right to amend, revoke or otherwise terminate this Program at its sole discretion.

Any questions or complaints shall be addressed to the Organizer using [email protected].

Effective date: June 27, 2023